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One of the oldest and deep rooted traditions in India is the Nargile (Hookah), with both men and women finding great pleasure in smoking the waterpipe. The nargile started a whole new culture which has endured for many years..

The hookah pipe can accommodate up to six people with hoses protruding from arms in the middle of the pipe. People gather to smoke hookahs individually or in groups to relax and share their thoughts and philosophies with one another.

Imagine leaning back in your chair as you blow smoke rings in the air. The sweet aroma of apple smoke is like the scent of an apple pie baking over a wood fire. So thick is the smell of apple tobacco inside the hookah shop you can almost taste it as it escapes from the tall water pipe. Even the most ardent non-smoker will probably enjoy this.

We hope this information has been fun and informative, and we know you're curious to learn more. Guess its time to stop by King's Hookah Lounge and find out for yourself.

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