The Kings Hookah
Special/House Mix
Sweet Mellon, White Peach, Black Peach Mint, Code 69, Blue Mist, Pirates Cove, Tangerine Dream, Safari Melon Dew, Double Apple, Mighty Freeze, White Mint, Sex On The Beach and Tropicool.

Exotic Flavors
  1. Blue Mist Cosmopolitan
  2. Blueberry Royal Grape
  3. Cappuccino Pink
  4. Citrus Mist Strawberry
  5. Citrus Mint Tangrerine
  6. White Peach Winter Fresh
  7. Safari Melon Dew
Regular Flavors
  1. Berry Lemon Mint
  2. Double Apple Mango
  3. Grape Melon
  4. Grape Berry Mint
  5. Guave Orange
  6. Jasmine Orange Mint
  7. Peach Pineapple
  8. Rose Rose Mint
  9. Starwberry Vanilla
  10. Watermelon
  1. Green Tea
  2. Tea with Fresh Mint
  3. Turkish Coffee
  4. Cold Drink