The hookah was invented in India in the late 16th century when tobacco was first introduced to the area. The way that it works is that it uses water to “purify” it. At least, that was purpose when it was first created. When the smoke does go through the water, it’s cooled down greatly, and makes it not nearly as harsh. For that reason, the hookah has been a go-to item for relaxed gatherings of people for centuries, as it is a social activity where people get to sit together, talk, and share an experience.

     King’s Hookah Lounge has three separate locations.  one of the location is located on the corner of Northwest Eighteenth Avenue and Couch Street , behind the McDonald’s, second location is located on  1930 State St, Salem, OR 97301 and Third location is located on 2164 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402   Don’t let the outer surroundings fool you, though. When you come into King’s Hookah Lounge, you’ll be greeted with the aromas that you expect out of any good hookah bar: the mixing scents of various flavored tobaccos along with the laid back Middle Eastern music and decor.
 Flavor truly is the story at King’s HookahLounge, both in tobacco, and in food and drink.There are more than fifty different flavors
of  tobacco in stock at King’s Hookah Lounge. You could come back dozens of times, and still have a different hookah experience. The common flavors in stock are fruity ones such as apple, strawberry, rose, vanilla, cherry, lemon, and mint. The more exotic options are mixed . Other flavors include cappuccino, coconut, wild mango, and the King’s Special Mix, which is a custom King’s Hookah Lounge flavor. With your hookah, you can have gyros, green tea, Turkish coffee, or Sahlab, a traditional Turkish drink.